Top Google Courses Online For Free To Be Job Ready

Top Google Courses Online For Free To Be Job Ready: In modern times, google is omnipresent. From your personal cell phone to quantum computer, you can see google everywhere. It is the only organization in the world that gives almost all of it’s services for free. In a world where you have to pay for even the air your breathe, it’s always good to have someone who is giving things for free. Take the google courses for instance, you can learn so much from the advance courses that google is giving online for free.

google courses

google courses

In this article we will cover some of the google courses that are available for free and some that are paid, but overall they are all designed in a way that anyone who completes the properly will definitely become master (in whatever topic  it is) and become job ready.

Top Google Courses Online For Free To Be Job Ready

Google offers lots free online courses, but it looks more focused on digital marketing and AI (artificial intelligence). In this article we will give you the list of all the courses that google has to offer specifically on these two topics. Before we go on describing the google courses let’s first try to understand the term ‘digital marketing’ & ‘AI’.

Digital marketing: Gone are the days when people used to pay hefty sum for TV commercial and news paper advertisement. In today’s time the marketing is done digitally i.e using online social platform like google search engine, social media platform etc. Promoting products or others using these platform is called digital marketing.

AI: Artificial intelligence is the future of technology, and all leading companies knows this, this is why there are massive demand for people with knowledge of AI. Artificial intelligence is simply making machines and software do the task that can be automated.

Know that we know what these two terms, we are now ready to see the google courses that are available on the internet.

Google Courses – Google AI

If you are on your way to learn ML (machine learning) and AI, then this is something that will boost your knowledge and will challenge you to test your knowledge by showing different ways to implement your knowledge. This course is good for those who are familiar with MI and AI. If you are just starting out then, this course is not advisable.

You will find tall the latest advancement and techniques that are being used in the AI world here. So, if you are ready then you should surely go for this course.

Google courses – Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

This is an effective course for those who are looking forward to make a carrier in digital marketing. This course provides an comprehensive way to learn how to manage and use the google tag manager and then integrating it to google analytics to get the best results for the organization. It teaches how to simplify use of tag and implement them to get the desired result.

The duration of the course is 2 hours and 30 minutes which means mastering google tag manager in less time. This courses is recommended for those who are familiar with tools like google analytics etc.

Google Courses – Google Ads Certifications

If you are using a lot of google products, but don’t really know about them or how to use their full potential, then this is the course for you. The google ads certifications is one of the many topics that you will find on the master page. As for google ads certifications you will get everything you need to know about the google ads. Like how to apply for google ads, how to display them for maximum revenue etc.

Each topic has many sub-topics, and the duration for each of them is different. It may take a lot of time. But once you complete this course then you will be on top of your game on google ads.

Google Courses –  Python Class

Python is one of the most famous programming language of this decade. Everyone wants to learn python, and there are tones of courses paid and free that are teaching python. But, no one is as good as Google’s python class. After all, why not learn form the developers of industries leading company.

The best part about this course is that it has theory as well as video lecture of each chapter. And at the end of the course students get to make some interesting projects.

So, these are some of the many google courses that are available for free. Don’t forget to look for more because there is always something to learn.

Updated: December 18, 2021 — 6:22 am

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